Namrata D Kamu: Journey of a State Level Volleyball Player Who Wants to Join Military and Serve the Nation

Namrata D Kamu: Journey of a State Level Volleyball Player Who Wants to Join Military and Serve the Nation

Namrata D Kamu: Journey of a State Level Volleyball Player Who Wants to Join Military and Serve the Nation

      Name :Namrata Dattatray Kamu

Gamatics Profile Name :

Sports: Volleyball

Training Center: Gogte College, Bhagya Nagar, Angol, Belgaum, Karnataka

Q- Tell us about your typical day

A-  When I was felicitated for my achievements in my college. I had achieved National participation in Roll ball game, also I am All India university participant in Netball, I had also represented volleyball at the state level tournament during my PU college. I had coached tennis volleyball players which won Gold medal at national tournament.

Q- What makes you hit the training everyday ?

A- To improve my skills, and also to maintain my health. I like to be fitness so I could participate in various games and also new games which are getting discover.

Q- Who is your inspiration? Why?

A- Rani Rampal, even she is players from remote place and I like the dedication and determination for our country.

Q- What would you ask your inspiration, if you get to meet in person?

A- I would ask about her inspiration and from where she received zeal to win medals for our country

Q- Name any one teammate whose sportsmanship you respect and why?

A- Mahima ray, she is understandable and helping nature. She encourage me when I m down. And she is like my sister more then friend.

Q- How do you manage your academics and exams?

A- Because of sports my concentration on study is firm. If I play i'be scoring good marks in all exam. So even my parents don't stop me from playing sports.

Q- If there was one thing you would change about your sport, what would it be? Do you have any suggestion/recommendation for the govt / policy makers?

A- I think, physical education subject must be implemented in school, colleges for all courses. Special attention regarding internal marks, remedial class, job assurance in all sectors must be give to state and national participants.

Q- What do you like the most being in sports and what do you miss the most at the same time?

A- Development of leadership, communication, confidence like wholesome development of a person. I don't miss anything if I be in sports

Q- What do you feel when you see your friends doing many other things in life and you have to spend most of your time around sports?

A- I just like to be on ground and my all friends are in sports. I don't care about world which is outside the arena

Q- Let us know about one achievement of yours which you cherish the most.

A- Roll ball national tournament, it's was new game for me and I had worked very hard to get selected in karnataka team.


Q- The one achievement/incident which haunts you

A- I could have been national gold medalist in tennis volleyball. But I had to represent state volleyball tournament. Because date were clashed.

Q- Who is your coach? Let us know one good thing about your current coach.

A- Amit S Jade, he feel his players should represent International sports

Q- Everyone has at least one complaint about the coach/training. What is yours?

A- According to my knowledge, nothing yet

Q- Your message to your parents and family

A- My family is very cooperative and help in every situation of my life.

Q- Who do you think, apart from your family and coaches, have played a very big part in your sport career?

A- I still have not achieved that level,


Pressure Test:

Q- Coach

A- Amit S Jade

Q- Parent

A- Dattatray Kamu

Q- School

A- Gogte clg

Q- Competitors

A- All who stand against me from my achievements

Q- Family

A- Cooperative and supportive

Q- Friends

A- Help me to improve my draw backs

Q- Fans

A- Don't no

Q- Sponsors

A- No


Q- Your favorite training brand

A- Adidas

Q- Your favorite competitive brand

A- Adidas

Q- Your favorite nutrition brand

A- Indian food


Pets :

Q- Given an opportunity which pet would you like to bring home and why?

A- Dog, because of its nature

Q- Any message to the kids who are not into sports?

A- Play sports if I want to stay healthy and increase ur life span

Q- What is your dream as a sports person? What would you like to be remembered as?

A- International players and bring medals for my country

Q- What is your dream job and how do you want to reach there?

A- Military, I like to serve my nation

Q- Things you would like to change in the current sports system.

A- Benefits for sportsman, jobs facilities n policy

Q- How is Gamatics Profile helping you?

A- Refreshing my knowledge about me and my achievements

Q- If you got a session to do what you want, what would your ideal perfect training session be?

A- Ground fitness session

Q- Your ideal post competition cheat meal?

A- Chicken

Q- Was there a moment in your life when you felt like you are done with the sport and wanted to quit? If yes, then, how did you feel? What helped you overcome that feeling?

A- No

Q- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years of playing this sport?

A- Representing at International

Q- Name any three qualities that you think all athletes must have?

A- Displine, determination, dedication

Q- If you could represent any one sports company, which one would it be and why?

A- Adidas

Q- If you ever get the opportunity to play another sport, which one would it be?

A- Yes I will

Q- What are your hobbies?

A- Playing sports

Q- If you ever had the chance to write your autobiography, what would you name it?

A- Namrata kamu


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