Shifali S Shetty : Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go

Shifali S Shetty : Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go

Shifali S Shetty : Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go


Name: Shifali.S.Shetty

Gamatics Profile:

Sports: Karate

Training  centre: Institute of Karate and martial arts (IKMA), Mangalore.



Q- Tell us about your typical day 

A- My day usually starts at 5 ,And then I travel for 45min to my training centre and then for the first 1hour i will be have my excrise done and I practise kicks, punches, throws, and learning new techniques and improving my style of fight and speeding up my punches and my movements, so my morning routine till 9 will b done then I leave to my college and then again in the evening again I go back practise for 2to 3 hours and then coming back home it would b around 9 then I look after my studies a bit then I do my work then I go to bed!!

Q- What makes you hit the training everyday ?     

A- I believe in hard work, the more you work harder the more you succeed!! There were times I use to miss my training but then I do regret it, so whenever my training would b there I would b in the class practising, even my parents wouldn't allow me miss my training sessions, there were more supportive and encouraging me, so whenever my training would b , I was present , if I had some serious issues then yeah I have not been otherwise I would b there!!




Q- Who is your inspiration? Why?

A- Mary kom is my inspiration !! After knowing her story of success it had touched me, the way she struggled to beCome best female boxer in the world, I love her attitude of not giving up even after her pregnancy ,the way she did her come back was totally inspirating to lot of people out there!!!

Q- What would you ask your inspiration, if you get to meet in person?

A- I would ask her about how she have been trained herself mentally and as well as physically , and whenever she have been failed, how did she make herself better and come up and achieve somuch in life,

Q- How do you manage your academics and exams?

A- I have been managing my academic well and whenever I got exams my Sir himself he tells me to study and gives me break to study for my exams so. I hve been managing well ..

Q- If there was one thing you would change about your sport, what would it be? Do you have any suggestion/recommendation for the govt / policy makers?

A- As I play karate, Wushu, these r the fighting sports ,where the govt support is very less to it, the player is supposed to see all the expenses for themselves, so I would suggest the govt to provide more financial support to the players for their betterment, there r so many sports players who can get gold for India in various events but because of their financial situation they are not able to make it. So I recommend govt to do something in favour of the sports person out there and support them to achieve higher level..!!

Q- What do you like the most being in sports and what do you miss the most at the same time?

A- Being a Sports person, I have changed a lot, it have thought me more of living a disciplined life, value of time, value of respect for ourself and to the oppenet and to the sport , being humble and kind !! No there is no such thing as I miss at times

Q- What do you feel when you see your friends doing many other things in life and you have to spend most of your time around sports?

A- Being in sports field that too in a fight field is not easy as we have follow a proper diet, and spending all most times in classes we usually get very less time, But whatever it is it's more fun to b in class practise learn new things.. It becomes everything to you end of the day.. !!but whenever I get time I do spend it with family and frnds!!


Q- Let us know about one achievement of yours which you cherish the most.

A- Gold medal at 18th state Wushu championship and being selected for nationals to represent karnataka was one of my achievements!!

 Q- Who is your coach? Let us know one good thing about your current coach.

A- Nithin. N. Survana, he is very supportive, he pushes you to give your best shot in whatever you do, and traines you So harder and fills you with positive energy!!

Q- Your message to your parents and family

A- I m lucky enough, my parents have more supportive to me, they always been there for me in my up and downs, and supported me to give my best in my game.

Q- Who do you think, apart from your family and coaches, have played a very big part in your sport career?

A- Manish, and my sister thrishali Shetty and Sampath Sir have played a very big part in my sports career, they always been my support system , whenever I have been too low they have encouraged me to do my best and always told me '' you can and you win '' It would always give me positive energy everytime so I m thankfull to them..!!


Pressure Test:

Q- Coach

A- Nithin. N. Survana

Q- Parent

A- Sudhakar chowta and kanmani shetty

Q- School

A- Shobhudaya vidyalaya

Q- Friends

A- Vaishanvi,himan,sneha, preeti, Akash, shrest,manvith,asfianna,



Q- Your favorite training brand

A- Usi



Q- Tell us about them! How do they help you unwind?

A- Yes, I have got a dog at my home, his name is Romeo Shetty, he is 8months , I m animal lover, I had rabbits, parrots, my pet Romeo is one among us in the house, whenever I come back after my big tournaments after weeks when I return Back he would come smell me then jump upon me and he would b the happiest one and playing with him is so mind refreshing you trend forget all your problems and be clam!!

 Q- Please share your social media links

A- IG : shifali_chowta fb:shifali.s.chowta

 Q- Any message to the kids who are not into sports?

A- I would suggest that, the kids should gets involved in any of the sports, which ever sport it might be, because it keeps you healthy and fit.



Q- If you got a session to do what you want, what would your ideal perfect training session be?

A- I would do a session on self defences, and then I Do like to have interactimg session on not giving up easily in life and motivating more people to do right in life and be strong mentally and physically.

 Q- Your ideal post competition cheat meal?

A- Cheese brust pizzas 🙊 + coke

Q- Was there a moment in your life when you felt like you are done with the sport and wanted to quit? If yes, then, how did you feel? What helped you overcome that feeling?

A- Yes, there was time where I had stopped everything for a long time but then , later idk What actually happened but my interest to the sport made me go back to class and started practising, in the first it was bit difficult but later on it became an routine!! My Frnds and family helped me overcome all negative thoughts.

Q- Name any three qualities that you think all athletes must have?

A- Discipline, respect and patience

Q- If you could represent any one sports company, which one would it be and why?

A- Usi brand, it's an Indian brand and they provide good rang of fighting items .

Q- If you ever get the opportunity to play another sport, which one would it be?

A- MMA or mauy thai




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